SG Helmets

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SG football helmets are different from anything else on the market today. Maybe it’s our background in the auto racing industry… or our passion for protecting great athletes. SG makes a goal of providing football players with better protection so they can play the game they love. As a player, it’s your job to focus on your performance. It’s our job to help you be as protected as possible.

Not only do SG helmets provide better protection, but they can also improve athletic performance. While other available football helmets can weigh as much as six pounds, SG helmets weigh less than three. SG’s design also makes it easier for football players to turn their head during the game. It makes it easier to see other players coming, and easier to pass and catch.

Are you ready to get better protection and improve your game? Get fitted for an SG helmet for superior protection and better performance on the field.